Muscle disorders in 20 numbers

Below are some muscle disorders-related numbers we thought you might want to explore:


22 causes of myotonia 

16 causes of scapula winging 

24 neuromuscular causes of dropped head syndrome 

23 causes of rapidly progressive weakness 

23 causes of myopathy with respiratory failure 


13 causes of hand muscle atrophy 

23 causes of muscle hypertrophy 

27 causes of camptocormia

7 causes of immune mediated necrotising myopathy 

7 risk factors for inclusion body myositis 


3 genetic variants of IBM 

21 causes of compartment syndrome 

32 drugs that can cause myopathy

35 causes of cramps 

36 neurological causes of rhabdomyolysis 


7 things to know about the risk of statin myopathy 

17 neurological causes of hyperCKaemia 

16 causes of low CK levels 

7 causes of myopathy with a low CK level 

21 causes of myoglobinuria


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