Epilepsy and metabolic disorders in 20 numbers

Below are some epilepsy and metabolic disorders-related numbers we thought you might want to explore:


17 drugs that can cause convulsive status epilepticus

8 major risk factors for NORSE

46 causes of drug-induced seizures

94 atypical neurological manifestations of seizures

32 systemic manifestations of seizures


15 causes of drop attacks

18 neurological causes of myoclonus

32 drug-induced causes of myoclonus

33 cases of opsoclonus-myoclonus

19 risk factors for refractory epilepsy


17 causes of sleep violence 

20 causes of abnormal movements in sleep

14 classes of metabolic disorders 

5 things to know about Pelizaeus–Merzbacher disease 

8 urea cycle disorders 


6 things to know about porphyria and the nervous system 

19 neurological features of mitochondrial disorders 

24 systemic presentations of mitochondrial disorders 

6 things to know about mitochondrial stroke-like episodes 

3 things to know about mitochondrial epilepsies


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