20 essential neuroradiology checklists

This is just a short post to highlight some practical neuroradiology checklists that you may wish to explore


A-Z of neuroradiological signs

5 classical toxic metabolic disorders

8 disease-specific patterns of brain white matter changes on MRI

8 region-specific patterns of brain white matter lesions on MRI

9 causes of corticospinal tract hyperintensity on brain MRI


9 genetic syndromes that cause cerebral calcifications

15 MRI features of normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

17 classical neuroradiological pareidolias

17 neuroradiological signs of stroke

18 indications for urgent CT head following head injury


28 non-haemorrhagic causes of high signal brain lesions on T1 MRI

28 causes of bilateral thalamic lesions

33 causes of basal ganglia calcification

56 causes of RESLES

Gadolinium toxicity


Giant tumefactive perivascular spaces (GTPVS)


Low pressure hydrocephalus

Tarlov cysts

Radiation necrosis V tumour recurrence


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