How effective is aminophylline for post dural puncture headache?

Aminophylline for treatment of postdural puncture headache: a randomized clinical trial. Wu C, Guan D, Ren M, et al. Neurology 2018; 90:e1523-e1529. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate the efficacy and safety of IV aminophylline for patients with postdural puncture headache (PDPH). METHODS: We randomly assigned patients to groups receiving either 250 mg IV aminophylline or a placebo within 3 hours of symptom […]

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What are the important causes of small fiber neuropathy?

Associated conditions in small fiber neuropathy-a large cohort study and review of the literature. de Greef BTA, Hoeijmakers JGJ, Gorissen-Brouwers CML, Geerts M, Faber CG, Merkies ISJ. Eur J Neurol 2018; 25:348-355. Abstract BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Small fiber neuropathy (SFN) is a common disorder leading to neuropathic pain and autonomic symptoms. The objective of this […]

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How does the 10/20 rule differentiate syncope from seizures?

Differentiating motor phenomena in tilt-induced syncope and convulsive seizures. Shmuely S, Bauer PR, van Zwet EW, van Dijk JG, Thijs RD. Neurology 2018; 90:e1339-e1346. Abstract OBJECTIVE: We assessed motor phenomena in syncope and convulsive seizures to aid differential diagnosis and understand the pathophysiologic correlates. METHODS: We studied video-EEG recordings of tilt-induced syncope and convulsive seizures […]

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Is normal pressure hydrocephalus a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease?

Concurrent Alzheimer’s pathology in patients with clinical normal pressure hydrocephalus Pomeraniec IJ, Taylor DG, Bond AE, Lopes MB J Neurosurg Sci 2018 (Epub ahead of print) Abstract BACKGROUND: Patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) and Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) can often present with similar symptoms. NPH remains a clinical diagnosis and there are reported shared underlying […]

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Does influenza vaccination reduce the risk of stroke?

The association of adult vaccination with the risk of cerebrovascular ischemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Tsivgoulis G, Katsanos AH, Zand R, et al. J Neurol Sci 2018; 386:12-18. Abstract Background: There is mounting evidence supporting infection as an independent risk factor for ischemic stroke (IS), while preliminary data indicate that vaccination may prevent IS. […]

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Does diabetes reduce the risk of migraine?

Diabetes is associated with decreased migraine risk: a nationwide cohort study Antonazzo IC, Riise T, Cortese M, et al. Cephalalgia 2017 (Epub ahead of print). Abstract Background: Results from studies on diabetes and migraine risk are conflicting, which may be due to methodological limitations. Prospective studies with long follow-up could increase our understanding of the […]

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Is magnesium an effective migraine preventative?

Magnesium in migraine prophylaxis-is there an evidence-based rationale? A systematic review von Luckner A, Riederer F. Headache 2018; 58:199-209. Abstract OBJECTIVE: The primary objective was to systematically evaluate the existing evidence base on magnesium in migraine prophylaxis. METHODS: The search for clinical trials published from 1990 to 2016 was separately conducted by AvL and FR […]

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