15 practical inflammatory neuropathy checklists

This is just a short post to highlight some practical inflammatory neuropathy checklists that you may wish to explore.


3 things to know about the treatment of multifocal motor neuropathy

7 things to know about CIDP associated with NF155 paranodal antibodies

7 things to know about treating CIDP with IVIg

8 things to know about treating CIDP with immunosuppressants

12 things to know about autoimmune nodopathies


Anti FGFR3 autoimmune neuropathy

Castleman’s disease

Chronic inflammatory axonal polyneuropathy (CIAP)

Paranodal antibodies associated with CIDP

Investigations of POEMS syndrome


Investigations of GBS

Treatment of GBS

Predictors of ventilation in GBS

Investigations and treatments of sensory neuronopathy

Investigations and treatments of paraproteinaemic neuropathy 




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