Autoimmune and infectious neurological disorders in 20 numbers

Below are some autoimmune and infections-related numbers we thought you might want to explore:


24 causes of aseptic meningitis

28 causes of chronic meningitis

13 causes of recurrent meningitis

16 causes of hypertrophic pachymeningitis

33 causes of eosinophilic meningitis


37 causes of rhombencephalitis

12 etiological indicators of viral meningitis

7 things to know about post viral encephalitis autoimmune encephalitis

5 things to know about chronic granulomatous herpes simplex encephalitis

22 main antibodies that cause autoimmune encephalitis


6 things to know about bacterial meningitis

25 HIV neurological syndromes

12 forms of central nervous system tuberculosis

23 complications of tuberculous meningitis

8 things to know about Pott’s disease of the spine


26 parasitic infections of the nervous system

7 things to know about cerebral malaria

17 anti-GAD antibody phenotypes

7 variants of stiff person syndrome

33 manifestations of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease (VKHD)


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