6 buzzwords from day 2 ANA Chicago 2015

Chicago at night
Chicago at night


Its day 3 about to start at the American Neurological Association (ANA) annual conference. As a follow up tp my previous posts, this is a quick take on 6 new buzzwords for me from day 2. These are at the cutting edge of neurology

  • Metagenomic deep sequencing. This promises to solve the pervasive problem of undiagnosed encephalitis and meningitis. James Wilson’s talk was heavy; here is a link to an abstract which hopefully simplifies things
  • Neuroprosthesis. The future of re-animation of paralysed limbs after spinal cord injury. Hunter Peckam’s website
  • Brain-machine interface. Krishna Shinoy presentation seems more SciFi than neurology. Harnessing the power of the will to communicate. Here he is explaining things

https://www.youtube.com/embed/I7lmJe_EXEU” target=”_blank”>


  • Neurofascin and Contactin-1 antibodies. Just a few more antibodies to muddy the waters of immune-mediated neuropathies. Cutting edge review by Alan Pestronk of NeuroWUSTL fame
  • Sequestosome and Matrin-3 syndromes of adult onset myopathies. No wonder many of our cases go undiagnosed. Margherita Milone‘s talk went slightly over my head but my gut feeling says this is important
  • Mitophagy. Another culprit process contributing to traffiking problems in motor neurone disease. Teepu Siddique was erudite