The 20 most viewed posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2018

With almost 25,000 visitors…

and almost 35,000 post views…

the highest since this blog launched…

It appears The Neurology Lounge has had a busy year.


Two bloggers. Mike Licht on Flikr.

But compared to the previous whirlwind years

2018 was a relatively blog-quiet year.

Dominated by older posts

And a sprinkling of new ones.


John Meynard Keynes blogging. Mike Licht on Flikr.

This is neither because of a flagging spirit

nor a waning passion.

 Neurochecklists, my other task-master…

Demanded more and more of my time.



Revising, refining, retuning…

Simplifying, clarifying, edifying

In pursuit of the ideal neurology database.

As that task is now nearly done

2019 beckons back to the blogging arena.


Blogging when the children have gone to bed. Mike Licht on Flikr.

But just before looking forward

In this season of looking backward

Let’s spare some time to take account.

How did the old expositions fare?

How did the new compositions rank?


Number-04. StefanSzczelkun on Flickr.

Here are your top 20 most viewed blog posts of 2018


20. Advances in the management of giant cell arteritis

19. mTORopathy: an emerging buzzword for neurology


Stay in touch with The Neurology Lounge in 2019

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What were the most popular posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2016?

The Neurology Lounge started in July 2015 and it is now well into its 2nd year. 2016 was the first complete 12-month calendar period, and during this time the blog received about 25,000 visits and just under 40,000 views.

Keyboard cat. Cassandra Leigh Gotto on Flikr
Keyboard cat. Cassandra Leigh Gotto on Flikr

There were visitors from >150 countries around the world with the United States recording the most visits at just under 15,000, followed closely by the United Kingdom with about 5,000. There were >1,000 visitors each from Canada, Australia, Spain and India. Engagement however remains disappointingly low with only 117 comments and 67 likes.

Blog dog. Håkan Dahlström on Flikr.
Blog dog. Håkan Dahlström on Flikr.

Some topics attracted more interest than others, sometimes surprisingly so. Below is the countdown of the 15 most viewed posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2016.


15. Top all-time neurology review articles

14. How to keep your distance from a neurologist

13. How bright is the future for Alzheimer’s disease?

12. Proven all-time outstanding neurology textbooks

11. What are the most controversial questions in neurology?

10. What’s evolving at the cutting-edge of autoimmune neurology?

9. Keeping up with the latest practical guidelines in neurology

8. Are these the all-time most influential Neurologists?

7. Which are the most useful neurological applications?

6. What are the dreadful autoimmune disorders that plague neurology?

5. The emerging research boosting Parkinson’s disease treatment

4. Masitinib, a breakthrough drug shattering neurology boundaries

3. Outstanding neurology video channels

2. Is neurology research finally breaking the resolve of MND?

1. 7 ominous signs that suggest you need to see a neurologist


The statistics are encouraging enough for The Neurology Lounge to carry on through 2017!


What is the state of neurology on the blogosphere?

I have dipped my toes in the waters, and I am beginning to find my feet. The blogosphere is a huge universe and I wondered who else are ‘out there’ blogging on neurology?

I ‘googled’ neurology blogs and came across sites listing neurology-related blogs. One is titled ’50 fascinating brain science blogs’ and another lists ‘most popular neuroscience blogs’. I plough through the lists looking for blogs that will be helpful to a jobbing neurologist. I soon discover however that most of the blogs listed are not actually neurological. Many where neuroscience and psychology, and a lot were completely irrelevant to neurology.

„Blog (1)“ von Cortega9 - Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.
Blog (1)“ von Cortega9Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.


So which are the relevant neurology blogs? Here are my choices:

Core neurology blogs

  • The Stroke Blog dissects developments in stroke
  • Blogging Stroke is a blog of the journal Stroke
  • JNNP blog is a surprise for me and worth following in view of the authority that comes with it.
  • Brainblogger has a high rating and covers a diversity of topics; it is written by different contributors and well well worth a visit.
  • Neurophilosophy blog in The Guardian is well-written and well-laid out, with good general neurology items.
  • Alltop neuroscience blog collates a variety of news and views on neurology-related items.
  • Medscape neurology blog is quite interesting
  • Neurocritic has some striking images
  • Caseblog has a section with interesting views on recent neurology issues.
  • Neurology minutiae is unapologetic for its interest in ‘arcane stuff’ but is nevertheless interesting to peruse.
  • The Neuro Times has several contributors and talks of trends in the history of neurology and neuroscience
  • Lancaster General Hospital neurology blog has a variety of professionals contributing to it although the last entry was dated 2013.
  • Neurology update is very educational and seems to target neurology trainees
  • Oliver Sachs is interesting but refers to ‘Dr. Sacks’ in the 3rd person! Hmm. I wasn’t convinced there was much there for a jobbing neurologist but nevertheless worth a look in view of the eminence associated with the name

Blogs on the margins of neurology


Neurology facts and trivia blogs

There are several other neurology or neuroscience themed blogs with fascinating names like ‘mindhacks‘, ‘brain windows‘, ‘brain waves‘, and ‘neurodudes‘ but I didn’t think they were relevant to practice or of sufficient general interest to explore.

Blog et blogging : définition par tags. Luc Legay on Flikr.
Blog et blogging : définition par tags. Luc Legay on Flikr.


Want to explore more. This link is to Webicin’s Neurology on the Medical Blogosphere.

Let me however have your thoughts on these or other blogs? Feel free to make recommendations for inclusion or exclusion.