Welcome to my blog. I am a UK Neurologist with an interest in everything neurological. I have also dipped my toes in the world of patient safety. This blog is an avenue to share my thoughts about neurology, but I hope it becomes a place for Neurologists to discuss and explore everything Neurology.

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  1. There have been some interesting studies on Alzheimer’s that have been neglected by the drug companies – and therefore mainstream medical people

    Professor AD Smith in the OPTIMA project at Oxford University has been doing scans for over 30 years scans of the brains of older people with Cognitive Impairment. He says that he can now predict Alzheimer’s 20 years before the symptoms become apparent

    They have found that Homocysteine is a good biomarker

    If you reduce high Homocysteine you can halt the progression of Cognitive Impairment

    There is an interesting on-line test for Cognitive Impairment, designed for people over 50
    So far, 200,000 people have done the test and consistently 11% fail
    Those that fail receive a letter to take to their GP which suggests further medical tests
    – an interesting approach to “grass-roots” medical education !

    You can read more about this at: http://www.foodforthebrain.org



  2. I found your blog while searching for CIDP! I like the concept.

    I’ve been blogging since 2005 (as a hospital administrator), but recently have included some of my own experiences with GBS. I’ve also started building a new online store for people with functional limitations, and hope you will take a look and let me know what items you think I should add to address additional needs of patients. All of our experiences are different, so your ideas are welcome since you work with us all.



  3. Greeting, Ibrahim!
    Your blog posts are insightful and interesting. We at Tacitkey are on the look out for just these kind of articles.
    We would love to feature all your posts on our website. Kindly share your email address to take this forward.
    Looking forward to being hearing from you!


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