20 helpful myelopathy and anterior horn cell checklists

This is just a short post to highlight some practical myelopathy and anterior horn cell neurology checklists that you may wish to explore.


3 assessment tests for spinal canal stenosis

3 gene therapies of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

4 mimics of spinal canal stenosis

4 things about NIV for MND (ALS)

7 things about metastatic spinal cord compression


7 neurological symptoms of MND (ALS)

7 systemic symptoms of MND (ALS)

15 investigational treatments of MND (ALS)

17 investigational treatments of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

31 supportive treatments of MND (ALS)


34 mimics of HSP

Management of traumatic spinal cord injury

Surgical treatment of cervical compressive myelopathy

Surfer’s myelopathy

Myelopathy with a normal MRI scan


Investigations and treatments of Kennedy disease

Monitoring breathing in MND (ALS)

Post-polio syndrome (PPS)





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