30 updated practical neurology checklists

This is just to highlight some of the checklists that we recently updated with the latest in the neurology literature


COVID19 non-vascular features

Autoimmune nodopathies

Bing-Neel syndrome


Myoclonus treatment



Huntington’s disease differential diagnosis

MND c9orf72 variant

Spontaneous intracranial hypotension risk factors

Migraine CGRP monoclonal antibodies

Cerebral aneurysm coil embolisation



Late onset epilepsy

Brain tumours risk factors

Chiari malformation clinical features

MS poor prognostic factors

Capgras syndrome causes



Parkinson’s disease ophthalmic features

Alzheimer’s disease risk factors 

COVID19 vaccine associated CVT

Cluster headache clinical features




Cerebral vein thrombosis haematological risk factors

Thrombectomy complications

Myasthenia gravis classification

Migraine triggers

Cardiac cephalgia



Caspr2 autoimmune encephalitis

McArdle’s disease management

Restless legs syndrome clinical features

CJD clinical features

IgLON5 antibody disease clinical features


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