Developmental neurology in 30 numbers

Here are a few developmental neurology-related numbers we thought you may want to review


43 genetic causes of microcephaly

21 non-genetic causes of microcephaly

39 genetic causes of macrocephaly

15 structural and metabolic causes of macrocephaly

5 causes of syringomyelia


13 risk factors for spina bifida

5 types of Chiari malformation

38 mimics of cerebral palsy

17 neurological manifestations of pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH)

8 thjngs to know about Treacher Collins syndrome


12 risk factors for autism

32 types of malformations of cortical development (MCD)

8 things to know about arachnoid cysts

12 causes of cerebral hemiatrophy

6 things to know about Dandy Walker syndrome


56 causes of agenesis of the corpus callosum

40 causes of corpus callosum lesions

14 syndromes associated with craniosynostosis

10 things to know about tethered cord syndrome 

8 neurological features of Klippel-Feil syndrome


8 types of ciliopathies

15 types of oral-facial-digital syndrome (OFDS)

5 established neurocristopathies

4 types fo Wardenberg syndrome

33 clinical features of Noonan syndrome


21 neurological manifestations of DiGeorge syndrome

8 causes of synaesthesia

10 telomere biology disorders

6 forms of Poland syndrome

4 tubilin-related disorders


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