Neurology in 80 striking numbers

Exploring Neurochecklists is a revealing experience…

It always highlights the expansive range of neurological disorders.

To illustrate this extensive breadth and scope of neurology…

Here are 83 striking numbers..all linked to their checklists.

83. Numbers in a city: New Haven, CT. See Ming-Lee on Flickr

11 neurological complications of aortic dissection

11 causes of normal MRI scan myelopathy

11 causes of supranuclear gaze palsy

13 MRI signs of NPH

13 causes of pulsatile tinnitus

15 risk factors of NPH

16 causes of reverse Horner’s syndrome

16 types and variants of multiple sclerosis

16 drug mimics of IIH

16 risk factors of cerebral vein thrombosis


16 modifiable risk factors of multiple sclerosis

16 MRI features of IIH

17 causes of bilateral Horner’s syndrome

17 radiological mimics of meningioma

17 causes of myopathy with respiratory failure

17 neurological manifestations of SLE

18 neurological manifestations of mitochondrial disorders

18 CT mimics of subarachnoid haemorrhage

19 causes of foot drop

19 causes of Horner’s syndrome


20 causes of subarachnoid haemorrhage

20 major causes of stroke in pregnancy

20 risk factors of osmotic demyelination disorder

21 neurological manifestations of systemic sclerosis

21 causes of self-mutilation

22 neurological manifestations of antiphospholipid syndrome

22 neurological complications of renal dialysis

22 causes of Othello syndrome

23 presentations of uraemic encephalopathy

23 causes of rapidly progressive weakness


23 causes of muscle hypertrophy 

23 risk factors of delirium

24 neuromuscular causes of dropped head syndrome

24 systemic manifestations of mitochondrial disorders 

24 neurological syndromes of HIV

25 causes of Cotard’s syndrome 

25 causes of sensory neuronopathy

25 causes of small fiber neuropathy

25 co-morbidities of ADHD

Property numbers. Leo Reynolds on Flickr.

26 causes of rapidly progressive dementia

26 causes of demyelinating neuropathy

26 causes of painful ophthalmoplegia

26 causes of systemic vasculitic peripheral neuropathy

28 causes of young onset dementia

28 non-genetic causes of optic atrophy

28 predictors of CIS conversion to multiple sclerosis

29 medical mimics of IIH

29 congenital myasthenic syndromes

29 neurological causes of chorea


29 genetic causes of optic atrophy

30 causes of dizziness

30 causes of tinnitus

31 causes of Capgras syndrome

31 causes of ptosis

31 risk factors of PRES

32 causes of trigeminal neuropathy

33 causes of central retinal artery occlusion

33 causes of thunderclap headache

33 causes of muscle fasciculations


26 causes of bilateral thalamic lesions

31 triggers of CRPS

32 typical causes of facial pain

33 enhancing meningeal lesions

33 neurological paraneoplastic syndromes

33 malformations of cortical development

33 radiological features of meningioma

34 cerebello-pontine angle lesions

34 causes of spastic paraparesis

35 drug-induced neuropathies


36 mimics of myasthenic crisis

38 differential diagnoses of multiple sclerosis

38 neurological syndromes of alcohol

38 risk factors of reversible dementia

39 risk factors of cervical artery dissection

39 manifestations of spina bifida

40 radiological mimics of brain tumours

40 drug triggers of myasthenia gravis

43 causes of subacute encephalopathy

43 causes of non-compressive myelopathy


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37 numbers. lee Reynolds on Flickr.

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