Cranial neuropathies in 25 numbers

Below are some cranial neuropathy-related numbers we thought you might want to explore:


34 medical causes of optic neuropathy

22 drugs and toxins causing optic neuropathy

24 infectious causes of optic neuropathy

29 genetic causes of optic atrophy

29 non-genetic causes of optic atrophy


33 causes of trigeminal neuropathy

22 neurovascular causes of trigeminal neuralgia

50 non-vascular causes of trigeminal neuralgia

25 causes of numb chin syndrome

37 causes of bilateral facial nerve palsy


16 causes of recurrent facial nerve palsy

43 causes of bilateral vestibulopathy

37 causes of anosmia

11 causes of phantosmia

21 causes of parosmia


26 causes of painful ophthalmoplegia

11 causes of supranuclear gaze palsy

29 causes of monocular diplopia

14 causes of bilateral oculomotor nerve palsy

34 causes of hypoglossal nerve palsy


35 causes of trochlear nerve palsy

12 causes of bilateral trochlear nerve palsy

12 causes of recurrent abducens nerve palsy

17 causes of glossopharyngeal neuralgia

14 causes of accessory nerve palsy


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