Meet Pete

This is Peter Mellett

Pete lives in Wadebridge, a picturesque town tucked nicely in the Cornish countryside.


Pete loves going on cycling trips.

But above every thing else, he loves reading his two adorable children to sleep.


But for us at Neurochecklists

Pete is a genius at web development.

He has taken the database to new heights.



To give you a taste of what Pete has done….

Below are 3 incredible examples.



Pete enhanced our incredibly powerful search engine

For neurology, this rivals Google!


Pete created our downloadable PowerPoint system

Each checklist can now be rapidly converted to a presentation


Pete innovated our readily accessible 'notes' system.

A personal space for your ideas




These are just some of the landmarks achieved by Pete.

Landmarks that triggered the need for this introduction.



Want to get in touch with Pete?

We are happy to share.

You can reach him via his website:

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