How to retire a neurology blog

The blogosphere is a stage; you act your part and then shuffle off the digital coil. Over the last five years, I have used The Neurology Lounge as a platform to explore the fringes of neurology – its bumpy past and its burgeoning present; its uncertainties and its controversies; its cutting edge and its promising future. It has been a most satisfying undertaking, but it is perhaps time to take a break.

I suppose there are countless ways one could retire a blog post. In my case, I will be transforming The Neurology Lounge into the blog of, my online neurology database. Therefore as the old material fades out from this blog, it will not be left vacant, but will be replaced by equally exciting material from Neurochecklists Blog  – which currently has the unfortunate tag ‘’, which is bad for business!

Blogging. Fabrizio Rinaldi on Flickr.

But the blogosphere is just like Hotel California – you can check out but you can never leave. So, whilst I will be stepping back from neurology blogging (at least for a while), I will continue to review books on my other blog, The Doctors Bookshelf, where I have just kicked off a series titled ‘Around the human body…in 13 impressive books‘. And to show how addictive blogging can be, I have already branched out into patient safety blogging. With my Diploma in Simulation and Patient Safety firmly tied to my belt, I launched a blog called ‘Shortcuts and Pitfalls‘, and even provided it with its own twitter handle! So if heuristics and biases, human error and human factors, are to your liking, then please join me there to start on another journey which kicked off with my first blog post on the theme.


So with that, I will make a hasty bow, and say a curt goodbye, and hope you have enjoyed the trip.

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