What is the risk of aneurysm rupture from aspirin?

Safety of aspirin use in patients with stroke and small unruptured aneurysms. Weng JC, Wang J, Du X, et al. Neurology 2020 (Online ahead of print). Abstract Objective: We initiated a multicenter, prospective cohort study to test the hypothesis that aspirin is safe for patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease (ICVD) harboring unruptured intracranial aneurysms (UIAs)

What is the risk of aneurysm rupture from aspirin? — Neurochecklists Blog

The 25 most popular Neurology Lounge blog posts of 2020

As we have done for the last five years, I am taking stock of my neurology blogging activities over last 12 months. A sort of reckoning, it enables me to list the blog posts that have attracted the most attention, and to quietly reflect on why some did not blaze a trail.

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With almost 40,000 visitors, and more than 50,000 views, 2020 has been the busiest so far in the Lounge, outstripping every year since 2015 when I launched the blog. Whilst a lot of the footfall has been to blogs I posted in 2020, I must admit that the golden oldies are attracting more visits than the newbies, making up the top 7 most viewed posts this year. Talk about blossoming with age!

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Enough reflection then, here are the 20 most popular Neurology Lounge blog posts of 2020



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Which are the most useful neurological applications?


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There are more exciting blog posts planned for 2021…what may turn out to be a turning point for The Neurology Lounge. So stay tuned!

12 catchy neurology headlines to cast out a year of infamy

2020 was characterised by horror of epidemic proportions. Spawned in 2019, COVID did not attain plague status until 2020. Unfurling its envelope, and baring its spikes, it struck with ruthless efficiency. But the chilling terror it unleashed was not enough to freeze the ink of neurologists. With flowing prose and radiant captions, neurological penmanship flourished in defiance of SARS-CoV-2. So, as we say goodbye to a year we can’t wait to forget, let us take a moment to marvel at the outstanding neurology titles of the last 12 months. Here then are 12 catchy neurology headlines to cast out a year of infamy.

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