The 12 most viewed blog posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2019

2019 saw almost 20,000 visitors to this blog.

Almost 300 blog posts were viewed.

And 60 of these were freshly posted in 2019.

Keyboard From Stone Age. Libor Krayzel on Flickr.

So which of our 2019 blog posts attracted the most attention?

Giant #life size #Keyboard. Wicker Paradise on Flickr.

Here is our countdown of…

…the 12 most viewed blog posts of 2019!



What are the pitfalls and perils of intracranial pressure?


What is the last word on migraine and PFOs?


What should we really know about cerebral aneurysms?



7 epic historical rivalries that shaped neuroscience


The emerging links between Alzheimer’s disease and infections



18 most insightful and profound quotations about the brain


9 promising advances in the management of traumatic brain injury


15 more creative and catchy neurology headlines for 2019


What, precisely, is the Alice in Wonderland syndrome?


Mozart and epilepsy: the rhythm beats on


The 9 neurological manifestations of anti MOG antibody disorder


The 10 most viewed neurology videos on Youtube



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