Monthly Archive: January, 2019

The 10 most viewed neurology videos on Youtube

Learning neurology is a very visual and hands-on affair. Neurological assessments are complex and steeped in ritual. Tomes have been written about the best way to take a neurological history. A lot of… Continue reading

The 20 most interesting neurological questions of 2018

It’s what we do every year… Plough through myriads of papers… Scrutinise methods and results… And hone in on the conclusions. We chart the hard work of neurologists… The mysteries they decipher… The… Continue reading

The 20 most viewed posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2018

With almost 25,000 visitors… and almost 35,000 post views… the highest since this blog launched… It appears The Neurology Lounge has had a busy year.   But compared to the previous whirlwind years…… Continue reading