Monthly Archive: January, 2017

How good is ocrelizumab for primary progressive MS?

  Ocrelizumab versus placebo in primary progressive multiple sclerosis Montalban X, Hauser SL, Kappos L, et al; ORATORIO Clinical Investigators. N Engl J Med 2016; doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1606468 (Epub ahead of print). Abstract BACKGROUND:… Continue reading

40 very handy and practical neurochecklists

Neurochecklists now contains >1600 checklists on all aspects of neurology. Many checklists come to the rescue only to fill a knowledge gap. Most neurochecklists however address important practical questions or outline pragmatic steps… Continue reading

How do tortuous blood vessels predispose to cervical artery dissection?

  Dissection is an increasingly recognized cause of ischemic stroke, which occurs spontaneously or after trauma, in relatively young patients. We hypothesized that there might be a predisposing factor weakening the vascular wall… Continue reading

What were the most popular posts on The Neurology Lounge in 2016?

The Neurology Lounge started in July 2015 and it is now well into its 2nd year. 2016 was the first complete 12-month calendar period, and during this time the blog received about 25,000 visits… Continue reading

10 revised and refreshed neurochecklists

Neurochecklists is in a continuous process of improvement and enhancement. To do so, it keeps up with the latest neurology articles and reviews, and stays on top of the latest guidelines and current… Continue reading

What are the new diseases emerging in neurology?

Medical futurists predict that scientific advances will lead to more precise definition of diseases. This will inevitably result in the emergence of more diseases and fewer syndromes. This case is made very eloquently in the book, The… Continue reading

What does the EMG show in LRP4 myasthenia gravis?

Electrophysiological findings in patients with low density lipoprotein receptor related protein 4 positive myasthenia gravis Nikolic AV, Bojic SD, Rakocevic Stojanovic VM, Basta IZ, Lavrnic DV Eur J Neurol 2016; 23:1635-1641. Abstract BACKGROUND… Continue reading