What inspiring things are people saying about Neurochecklists?

It is no secret that The Neurology Lounge is affiliated with Neurochecklists. It is difficult to imagine that visitors to this blog would have missed this ‘subtle‘ gif on the front page:


It is hard to see how they could have bypassed this ‘understated‘ screenshot at the end of each blog post:


It is even harder to believe that they missed the ‘discrete‘ blog posts on checklists such as:

So what is this blog post about then? It is to announce that, after several months in beta version, Neurochecklists has come of age. During this time, the application went through massive expansion, refining, editing, and fine-tuning. More importantly, many of the hundreds of users sent it helpful feedback, all of which have helped to enhance the app. Most of the comments are indeed gratifying, as reflected in this screenshot which is now on the Neurochecklists landing page:

And here are few more…I just have to share!

“Interesting and convenient for everyday work…and… for continuing education”

“It’s nice and concise. A good quick reference”

“It would be helpful to all internists but more importantly, neurologists and neurology residents”

“It’s very good! It’s really practical”

“A fabulous quick reference material for neurologists and trainees”

“This is a really useful resource

“It’s excellent

“It helps me to learn neurology simpler and fast”

Amazing! Good work!!!”

 “Very good and very useful to neurologists in training and in practice”

“This is excellent…I love the instant access to abstracts especially useful to quote papers”

“It’s a good source of data

“It’s a well designed and laid out site”

Concise and therefore useful

I liked it. It is very useful

“Very good portal for all relevant information”


OK, I admit it. I am posting the comments to encourage more people to register. There is a free account, but of course going Premium isn’t that painful either. And why not? Neurochecklists is packed with relevant and up-to-date information, linked to the latest references, and under constant review. It is comprehensive, concise, and handy. And it is now post-beta! And if you missed the 6 clickable opportunities above to go to the app, you may do so below. Go on then, explore it!


4 thoughts on “What inspiring things are people saying about Neurochecklists?

  1. Good Day,

    I have registered as a Free Member of this site due to having epilepsy for 43 years and doing research on the subject. I advocate and educate many others on social media on epilepsy.
    What upset me was the fact that a Free Account can only have 15 searches before they have to update to a Premium Account. I am based in South Africa and many of those interested in the site cannot pay the rates in foreign exchange. A free account is literally not for free when one has to eventually upgrade to Premium; if not one has to leave the site altogether.
    Please look into this matter.
    Thank you.


    1. Thanks for this feedback Lesley. We will surely look at ways to provide unrestricted access to special groups hopefully when the app becomes self-sustaining. With best wishes for your all your hard efforts to improve the care of people with epilepsy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you… This would give so many more the opportunity to participate and become active on the site. More information would be shared to others but it’s a wonderful site and a big ‘thank you’ to all involved for such great topics that are involved! Wishing you all the best!


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