Monthly Archive: December, 2016

Terminological exactitude: changing the names of established neurological disorders

This is a quick post to highlight changes and proposed changes to some neurological terms. It is not unusual for such changes to occur every now and then. We have, for example, seen benign intracranial… Continue reading

Quelling the frenzy of restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) does what it says on the can. Victims need to only sit or lie down for a few seconds before creepy-crawly sensations literally drive them up the wall. The discomfort… Continue reading

What inspiring things are people saying about Neurochecklists?

It is no secret that The Neurology Lounge is affiliated with Neurochecklists. It is difficult to imagine that visitors to this blog would have missed this ‘subtle‘ gif on the front page: It is hard to… Continue reading

What are the remarkable drugs which have transformed the treatment of MS?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common and blighting neurological disease. It frequently targets young people, often with disabling effects. It may affect any part of the central nervous system, and it manifests with relapsing or steadily… Continue reading

What are the advances in the management of cluster headache?

Cluster headaches are nasty, excruciatingly severe, headaches. They are not called suicide headaches without good reason. Cluster headaches are typically one-sided, localised around the orbit. The eye on the affected side classically turns red and waters. The… Continue reading