Monthly Archive: September, 2016

What strange and rare diseases lurk within neurology?

Neurologist spend most of their time treating many ‘mainstream’ disorders such as epilepsy and migraine. I discussed this in my previous post, what are the most iconic neurological disorders? Neurologists are however required to know many… Continue reading

What is the relationship of MND and cancer?

There are many sources of neurology information, as I listed in my previous post titled what are the most reliable neurology reference sources? These sources let us know what is in and what is out;… Continue reading

7 ominous signs that suggest you need to see a neurologist

Neurologists spend most of their time diagnosing benign conditions which are curable or treatable, or at least people learn to live with. Every now and then we see people with startling symptoms such as coma, convulsions, neck… Continue reading

What are other neurology blogs talking about?

I try to keep an eye on other neurology bloggers tapping away at their blogs. I previously listed the top neurology blogs in my posts, what is the state of neurology on the blogoshpere? and later updated the list of… Continue reading