Monthly Archive: June, 2016

mTORopathy: an emerging buzzword for neurology

I was recently perplexed with my first case of tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). I had no idea what treatment, monitoring and surveillance I needed to institute. I quickly checked things up in neurochecklists; I found excellent… Continue reading

How will neurology checklists unlock excellent practice?

Launching neurochecklists After 5 years of data gathering and sorting, neurochecklists launches today. This is a web-based application which covers the spectrum of neurological practice. I was prompted by Atul Gawande‘s call to physicians to develop checklist-driven medicine,… Continue reading

Imagine you have just suffered a devastating stroke!

Imagine you have just had a stroke! Devastating,  distressing, life changing. Imagine you are stuck in a wheelchair, Helpless and speechless. Now imagine you are transported back in time, 6 months before your stroke You… Continue reading

What are the obstacles to creating reliable neurology checklists?

This is a follow up to my previous blog post on the value of checklists in medical practice. That post explored how checklists improve clinical practice and promote patient safety. It also cited Atul Gawande‘s call to Medicine… Continue reading

What is the value of checklists in medical practice?

Checklists We all know how important checklists are in our day-to-day lives. We cannot survive the day without a to-do list reminding us of the tasks that make our lives go round. It is clearly… Continue reading

Glass brain flythrough

I just came across this interesting technology called Glass Brain which maps brain waves in real time. Check out this link from Popular Science for more details

What strange things about IBM leave neurologists puzzled?

Inclusion body myositis (IBM) is classified as an inflammatory muscle disease. It however stands out from all other muscle diseases, inflammatory or not. IBM has quite unique, and often unexplained, characteristics. These features mark it out as… Continue reading

How to keep your distance from a neurologist

An apple a day will never be enough to avoid neurological diseases. For one, the nervous system is extensive, vulnerable from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. For… Continue reading