Monthly Archive: May, 2016

What unconventional stroke risk factors are out there?

Stroke is a terrible disease. It comes unexpectedly out of the blue, strikes quickly, and leaves devastation in its wake.   Stroke treatment is advancing in leaps and bounds, but the best approach remains preventative.… Continue reading

What’s looming at the frontline of peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a very old and often straightforward problem for neurologists. Its presentation is well-defined, and neurologists are at their theatrical best when they map out the classical glove-and-stocking distribution of impaired temperature and touch… Continue reading

How is migraine research soothing the pain of neurology?

Migraine is a very common medical disorder. 15% of the world’s population have migraine, and 2% have chronic migraine. Most migranuers never need to see a neurologist because they have learnt how to manage their headaches.… Continue reading