Outstanding neurology video channels and sites

Neurology is as much a verbal, as it is a visual, specialty. Whilst the history is the bedrock of the neurological diagnosis, some conditions are only diagnosed by observation. Epilepsy and movement disorders are classical examples. Neurologists are therefore trained to observe the subtle nuances that distinguish between many of the diseases they see.

Neurology is however a very broad specialty, and it is unlikely that any neurologist or medical student would have personal experience of the vast number of neurological conditions. For this reason the video is an important contributor to neurological experience and expertise. The video is also a great educational resource for teaching the fairly complex neurological examination, no easy feat.

Where then can we get the best neurological videos? Here is a selection.

YouTube-based video channels

Youtube is the veritable ‘go-to’ site for most videos. Many patients post their own interesting video clips, but there is no guarantee that these clips reflect the diseases attributed to them. YouTube however has a selection of creditable video channels and here are some credible ones.

  • JAMA Neurology Channel. This is the video channel of the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is an excellent collection of neurological examination videos, very good for basic neurological skills.
  • University of Denver Neurology Department Channel. This channel, with about 650 subscribers, provides a variety of neurology related videos covering basic clinical topics and recent advances. The videos are typically in the form of lectures.
  • Johns Hopkins Neurology and Neurosurgery Channel. With more than 18,000 subscribers, this is a very clinically oriented neurology and neurosurgery channel from Johns Hopkins.
  • Brain Journal Channel. This is the video site of Brain, a foremost neurology journal. It currently has just over 80 subscribers and has its focus on cutting-edge neuroscience.
  • AAN Channel. This is the video site of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). This has more than 2,000 subscribers and is fairly regularly updated. It however doesn’t have a lot of clinical material for learning.


Neurology-specific video sites



General medicine video sites with neurology sections

  • The Doctor’s Channel This has a large selection of neurology videos sourced from other sites. It covers the wide range of neurology topics. Many videos are not clinical, but nevertheless interesting.
  • Medical Videos. This is a general medical video site but with a rather strong selection of diverse neurology videos
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine videos. This is an excellent collection of teaching videos covering all aspects of the neurological examination.

Miscellaneous video sites



Looking for more? Then visit Internetmedicine.com i-Neurology-Videos page for more links to neurology video sites

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of helpful neurology video channels.


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