Monthly Archive: January, 2016

How is social media enriching neurological practice?

This is a follow up on my post, what is the state of neurology on the blogosphere. Social media is growing and pulling in professionals at a breath-taking pace. This phenomenon, which many have previously turned there noses… Continue reading

What is the state of neurology on the blogosphere?

I have dipped my toes in the waters, and I am beginning to find my feet. The blogosphere is a huge universe and I wondered who else are ‘out there’ blogging on neurology? I ‘googled’ neurology… Continue reading

Will these 10 cutting-edge advances boost stroke care?

Stroke is a global beast. It is a scourge of the young and old. It strikes suddenly, maiming and killing with wanton abandon. So much has been achieved in the attempts to tame the… Continue reading

Outstanding neurology video channels and sites

Neurology is as much a verbal, as it is a visual, specialty. Whilst the history is the bedrock of the neurological diagnosis, some conditions are only diagnosed by observation. Epilepsy and movement disorders are… Continue reading

Calming the rage of brain tumours: hope for a dreaded cancer

  Brain cancer is a horrible disease even among cancers. Apart from benign tumours such as meningioma, very few brain tumours have happy endings. It is however not all doom and gloom- there are many advances… Continue reading