If you missed my blog on Klotho, you should check it out first before continuing. Below are the other four new things I learnt on the first full day of the American Neurological Association meeting, Chicago 2015:


The Magnificent Mile, Chicago
The Magnificent Mile, Chicago
  1. BIN1 is the second commonest monogenic genetic cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). And I never even heard of BIN1 before today. Work by Erik Roberson
  2. LINGO 1 is probably the only gene established to be associated with Essential Tremor (ET). Presentation by Ludy Shih
  3. FLAIR* MRI imaging of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) shows either a centripetal or centrifugal pattern of inflammatory lesions with serious implications to prognosis. Work by Daniel Reich of NINDS
  4. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a result of the metabolic syndrome; research by Lucy Hinder in mice suggests this is potentially reversible

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