Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Final day of ANA 2015- Prions center stage

It was the final day of the American Association of Neurology (ANA) conference yesterday and prion diseases took center stage. John Collinge, the only prominent British presence at the conference, set the ball… Continue reading

6 buzzwords from day 2 ANA Chicago 2015

  Its day 3 about to start at the American Neurological Association (ANA) annual conference. As a follow up tp my previous posts, this is a quick take on 6 new buzzwords for me… Continue reading

MS risk factors: the top 6

Before day 2 commences, a quick word on a wonderful symposium on Multiple Sclerosis (MS).     MS epidemiologists and researchers dissected the topic Causes/Triggers of MS. Speakers were David Hafler, Alberto Aschiero,… Continue reading

ANA 2015-Five new things

If you missed my blog on Klotho, you should check it out first before continuing. Below are the other four new things I learnt on the first full day of the American Neurological Association meeting,… Continue reading

Klotho, the elixir of life

It’s the American Neurological Association‘s 140th Annual meeting in Chicago this weekend and my first attendance. It is holding at the grand Marriott Hotel on The Magnificent Mile. It is a rigorously academic… Continue reading

Parkinson’s disease-a few curious things

Quite a few neurological disorders remain mysteries even when we know so much about them. Parkinson’s diseases (PD) is one of them. Dopamine deficiency is the established final common pathway, but why this… Continue reading

Gluten neurology-persistent and growing?

Gluten neurology is a controversial issue, to say the least! The heated debates between Sheffield and Nottingham may lie in the fog of history, but the issue simmers just below the surface. Gluten sensitivity, or coeliac… Continue reading

What is the value of celebrity neurology?

It is always headlines when a celebrity comes out with, or dies of, any disease. The disease often gets a boost, its profile raised high. We saw this with the ‘Jade Goody effect‘ which… Continue reading

Bee venom acupuncture for PD?

  Yes you heard it right-potential benefit from bee venom acupuncture in Parkinson’s disease (PD). What next you may say? But breathe easy, its from a study form the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.… Continue reading

Head transplant, anyone?

Coming near you soon, a maverick performing human head transplantation. The idea of head transplantation has a long history. Performing it in humans however is a different kettle of fish.The present day advocate is an Italian neurosergeon Sergio… Continue reading