Aphantasia: imagine not being able to imagine

Unless you are on another planet where the BBC doesn’t reach, you must have heard of this new buzzword. The BBC feature titled a life without mental images, made interesting listening. And Adam Zeman was as clear as always in his description of the phenomenon called aphantasia. Imagine being unable to imagine? I however recommend Adam’s blog… Read More Aphantasia: imagine not being able to imagine

The blend sign

This recent paper in the journal Stroke introduces the blend sign as a very good predictor of haematoma growth after intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). It is seen on early un-enhanced CT head scans as a blending of hypoattenuating area and hyperattenuating region with a well-defined margin.  Above is what an intracerebral haemorrhage looks lie on brain imaging. For the blend… Read More The blend sign

Top all-time neurology review articles

Well-researched reviews make the unwieldy number of research articles, and the rapid accumulation of knowledge, manageable. For this reason I set out to make a list of the most useful neurology review articles. To do this I searched the database of references I compiled in the process of creating a neurology checklists app called neurochecklists. My search revealed more… Read More Top all-time neurology review articles

Are these the all-time most influential Neurologists?

Who are the most influential neurologists in history? Not an easy task as the starting field is rather wide. Creating a ‘top list‘ of anything is potentially controversial because there are often no clear inclusion criteria, and justifications are often subjective.     I was initially swayed by the length of Wikipedia entries but cautioned myself when I noticed that the piece on Raymond Adams was very brief.… Read More Are these the all-time most influential Neurologists?