Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Aphantasia: imagine not being able to imagine

Unless you are on another planet where the BBC doesn’t reach, you must have heard of this new buzzword. The BBC feature titled a life without mental images, made interesting listening. And Adam Zeman… Continue reading

The blend sign

This recent paper in the journal Stroke introduces the blend sign as a very good predictor of haematoma growth after intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). It is seen on early un-enhanced CT head scans as a blending of… Continue reading

C David Marsden: now on Wikipedia!

At last my effort has paid off-the great man is now firmly in Wikipedia. It was a hard slog, having to learn the unique Wikipedia formatting rules and open editing process. It was however… Continue reading

Top all-time neurology review articles

Well-researched reviews make the unwieldy number of research articles, and the rapid accumulation of knowledge, manageable. For this reason I set out to make a list of the most useful neurology review articles. To do… Continue reading

Are these the all-time most influential Neurologists?

Who are the most influential neurologists in history? Not an easy task as the starting field is rather wide. Creating a ‘top list‘ of anything is potentially controversial because there are often no clear inclusion criteria, and justifications are often subjective.… Continue reading

The most helpful and practical neurology guidelines

    The Neurology Lounge will be incomplete without guidelines-what can we do without them? To come up with a list I took the easy path and searched a database of neurology checklists… Continue reading