Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Neurology charities in the UK

Many neurological disorders are long term conditions and our patients often require a lot of information and support. There are many charities and associations that offer this and I have drawn up a… Continue reading

Proven all-time outstanding neurology textbooks

It is difficult becoming a Neurologist. It is no doubt the most diverse of the medical specialities and the field is expanding. Subspecialties are¬†mushrooming and research studies proliferating. The diversity of expertise is… Continue reading

Professional neurological associations

I am still furnishing the lounge, and not started on the real blogging bit.¬†This is a short item introducing my very short list of major neurology associations. I am also maintaining this as… Continue reading

Furnishing the Lounge with Journals

I will be adding the furnishings of our Lounge over the next few blogs. The initial items will be stuff we Neurologists value, and journals come tops! Here is a list of neurology… Continue reading


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